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Method and system for an anti-theft mechanism embedded in the domestic router-modem

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216751D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-17
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Method and system for an anti-theft mechanism embedded in the domestic router-modem

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Method and system for an anti -theft mechanism embedded in the domestic router-modem

Today many people have, in their own apartments, a wireless modem-router which allows a connection to internet from different devices (i.e. laptop and smartphones). Also smartphones are now very common; all of them having the capability to connect to the internet through a domestic modem. The combination of domestic modems and smartphones and their enormous diffusion gave us the idea for an anti-theft system for apartments. The objective is to register any not-known device accessing the modem router and in this way to understand who entered the apartment. Smartphone mac address can be associated to the owner by the phone manufacturer, filling an external database and interrogating it when a theft happens. The core of the idea is to leverage the capability of every domestic modem routers to log any attempts of accessing the internet though them. This, together with the facts that normally smartphones search available wi-fi connections give the capability, for the modem, to passively "monitor" any smartphone in its range.

The modem, even for failed connection (i.e. for missing passwords) can log the MAC ADDRESS of the device. MAC ADDRESSES can be linked to the phone and then to the owner of the SIM Card operating on that phone, in this way building a smart anti-theft system.

Advantages of the idea: The method doesn't require any additional cost respect to the existing equipments....