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A method and system to read the document on PDA device easily. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216924D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-25
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This invention is try to solve the issue of reading long line wording on PDA devices. This kind of long line may be one text file, which do not support wrap or reader do not want to wrap , or on one picture which do not support wrap. This invention give a way to view this kind of long line by moving the view windows from left to right, and do not need to back to left when move on to next line. This would significant improve the efficiency of the reading and would make the reading easier and more convenient.

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A method and system to read the document on PDA device easily.

When we read some documents on PDA devices, we always encounter some issues. For example we want to read all the data

within one line while can not recognize the words as the size of the font is too small. In that case, we would zoom in to read the

document. As the view can only show part of one line, we always need to move the view windows from left to right. The move here is very smoothly and slowly as we are reading during the move. When we reach the end of one line, we would move the view window back to the beginning of the line, and start to read the second line. The issue here is ,unlike we moving left to right, when we move back from right to left, it's not easy to move them smoothly, as we don't want to read during the move. We would just move back to the beginning and start the next line reading. So in this case, the view would move up or down unexpectedly.

The current solution for the reading is to avoid this issue by reorganize the documents within the view window. This solution

would change the organization of each line and paragraph, and would only fit for the document which can be edited. While the applications on PDA device are mostly reader instead of editor.

This invention is to change this reading behavior. It let the start of the second line always be displayed on the most left of the view window when it reach the end of the first line. The third line in the view window would be displayed at the most left when the view window display the end of second line, and so on. In this case, customer can just move the view right continuously to read the whole document. This would make the read more easier for customer.

The reader can read each line from the document, and decide how to show them on the screen. With this invention, the lines to be showed in the view window could be rearranged by the position of the view window. The lines and length of the words which could be displayed on the screen...