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Invitee acceptance rules for Calendaring application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000216952D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-25
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A method for scheduling meetings considering invitee acceptance and rejections is disclosed.

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Invitee acceptance rules for Calendaring application

Disclosed is a method for scheduling meetings considering invitee acceptance and rejections.

When inviting a person to a meeting, it is easy to forget to go check to see if the invitee has accepted the meeting. In many cases the scheduler and some invitees are showing up at meetings and realizing that one of the "Required" invitees did not accept the meeting. This wastes the time of everyone that did come to the meeting. Calendar tools need a way to invite attendees, and set up rules (actions,reminders and time-outs) for when an invitee must respond to the invitation. This would prevent the scheduler from having to create external reminders to periodically check the invitee status.

Provide a mechanism within calendar tools which allows the scheduler to create a set of acceptance rules for an invitee. These rules allow the meeting creator to set rules for individual or groups of people to create actions within a time frame and based on the invitee's actions or non actions perform an action.

The following implementation example in the figure below could be implemented on any calendaring tool. In this example, on the meeting create page is the ability to have more then one "Required (to)" list so that you can have different "Acceptance rules" to accommodate each individual user if necessary. Notice the second Required (to) entry. Then out beside each Invitees section notice the red circled ICON. Which is used to...