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An Algorithm for automatic detection and filtering of unintentional user input for interactive rich internet applications (RIA). Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217008D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-27
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Currently end users face lot of issues while interacting with highly interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIA) running in web browsers. For instance an unintentional mouse clicks outside the html object while user interacts with it or pressing shortcut keys (e.g. backspace) accidentally. This may result in web page redirection or loss of input focus to the interactive object. It is very annoying for users. As a solution an algorithm is proposed for web browsers to automatically detect an unintentional input and prevent the side effects caused by it.: When mouse click event received by browser: If the underlying DOM object which needs to receive this click event is not same as the DOM object which received last mouse click event and the time difference between last 3 Automatically Filtering Unintentional Input For Interactive RIA mouse click and current mouse click event is less than (α) then it is identified as an unintentional click and hence the click event should be ignored.

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Automatically Filtering Unintentional Input For Interactive RIA  An Algorithm for automatic detection and filtering of unintentional user input for  interactive rich internet applications (RIA). 


Amit C Kulkarni. 


Currently end users face lot of issues while interacting with highly interactive Rich  Internet Applications (RIA) running in web browsers. For instance an unintentional  mouse clicks outside the html object while user interacts with it or pressing shortcut  keys (e.g. backspace) accidentally. This may result in web page redirection or loss of  input focus to the interactive object. It is very annoying for users. As a solution an  algorithm is proposed for web browsers to automatically detect an unintentional input  and prevent the side effects caused by it. The solution is not restricted to any particular  RIA technology instead it is a generic solution which prevents side effects of accidental input 

for any of the RIA object running on the browser. 


The desktop gaming is still very popular among the internet users. Especially social  networking games like farmVille, cityVille have been very famous among desktop users  for more than half decade. The desktop gaming will find its importance for next decade  also. The problems caused by unintentional input while interacting with the interactive  Rich Internet Applications like games is very irritating for desktop users at times. 

The problem to be solved can be best described with the help of following scenarios: 

Consider a user playing an online interactive game from browser which needs  continuous mouse and keyboard input. It is quite common that user accidentally does  mouse click on other objects on same web page. It may result in loss of input focus to  the object in which game is being played, as a result further keyboard events won't be  delivered to the game. Also if there are other advertisements or URL links on webpage  then accidental click on those objects redirects to the new URL, hence game session is  lost. 

While interacting with interactive Rich Internet Application from browser, mistakenly  pressing browser shortcut keys like backspace, esc etc may result in redirection to other  link causing loss of session or losing input focus.  1


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Automatically Filtering Unintentional Input For Interactive RIA  The solution proposed in next section tries to address above mentioned issues. The  algorithm is proposed for web browsers; hence it needs to be implemented from within  browser. 

  Proposed Solution

The proposed ...