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Method for Offering Chat Based on Text Recognition

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217018D
Publication Date: 2012-Apr-27
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Disclosed is a customer support system that targets situations that warrant a real-time live chat response as opposed to callback support.

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Method for Offering Chat Based on Text Recognition

Electronic chat technology is becoming more commonplace and expected in business-to-business technical support environments. However, offering chat almost always implies a live response (i.e., someone knowledgeable will accept and respond to the chat request within a minute or two). Unfortunately, remote technical support organizations are very frequently staffed to provide a callback response of a few hours or even a day instead of a live response. By definition then, technical support organizations that operate and provide callback responses are excluded from using electronic chat technology.

The proposed invention is to surgically target situations that could warrant a real-time live chat response. This allows a callback support center to offer live chat in such a way that they are not flooded by live chat requests. Simultaneously, it allows the callback support center to elevate the level of support provided for severe technical problems or customer business situations that require immediate attention to avoid customer escalations or dissatisfaction with products or services.

This benefits live response support centers by providing more targeted routing and even a bypass of Level 1 support to a more skilled triage or back end support team.

The proposed invention analyzes text strings entered by the customer and scans a database of trigger words or phrases to make a determination of whether chat should be made available to the customer and to whom the chat request should be delivered.

The components and capabilities of the invention include text recognition in a search bar field for the purpose of offering electronic chat, text recognition in a free-form text field for the purpose of offering electronic chat, and method for managing trigger words and phrases for routing the chat request to the most skilled team or support representati...