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Mobil/BP C5 ISOFIN Process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217184D
Publication Date: 2012-May-04
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MobiUBP C, ISOFIN Process

Application: Produce iso-olefins from normal olefins via olefin skeletal isomerization. Products: C4 and C5 iso-olefins (isobutene and isoamylene) are typically used for the production of fuel oxygenates, such as MTBE, ETBE, TAMEand TAEE.

Description: The olefin containing feedstock is heated, vaporized and superheated prior to it's introduction to the isomerization reactor. The reactor effluent is cooled against the incoming feed. The cooled reactor effluent gas is condensed and pumped offsite.

  The C4 ISOFIN process (not shown) also requires an effluent compressor as well as on-site catalyst regeneration facilities, which are not required for the CsISOFIN process.

Operating Conditions:
Reactor Temperature, OC

Reactor Pressure, psig
5-50 300- 450

(basis: ISBL facilities, 1994 U. S. Gulf Coast), Production Cost:
$/bpsd total feed

Cash Production Cost, $/bbl iso-olefins produced




Reference: Kunchal, S. K., Dwyer, F. G., and Ambler, C. P., "ISOFIN - A New Process for Olefin Isomerization," NPFL4 annual meeting, San Antonio, Tx., March 21-23 1993, Paper AM-93-45
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