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CO2 Removal: Membrane Plus Amine -- Case Histories Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217185D
Publication Date: 2012-May-04
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In 1991, KELLOGG published results of a technical and economic evaluation they performed of the conventional DEA, single-stage membrane and hybrid (membrane plus amine) systems for C02 removal from natural gas. Results of the evaluation showed that there are definitive market niches for each system. It was shown, in general, that membranes offer cost savings over conventional DEA systems and hybrid systems at low feed flow rates and high C02 concentrations. In turn, the hybrid system was shown to offer cost advantages over moderate to high feed flow rates and for moderate to high CO concentrations, whereas, the DEA system offers cost savings for moderate to high

installations of hybrid systems have been installed over the past several years for CO

updates the performance and costs associated with hybrid systems based on field d a d from the selected plants.


 3 flow rates at low to moderate C02 feed concentrations. Numerous commercial removal from natural gas. This paper presents case histories on select installations an

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