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Evaluate Pollution Prevention Measures for Informed Decisions

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Publication Date: 2012-May-04

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Session 10, Paper No. 10b


Annette J. Kikta

The M. W. Kellogg Company 601Jefferson Ave.
Houston, Texas 77210-4557

Prepared for presentation at

AICHE Chemical Proactive Engineering

1993 Summer National Meeting August 17,1993;

June 16, 1993


AICHE shall not be responsible for statements or opinions contained in papers or printed in its publications.

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Implementing a pollution prevention program through an organized approach provides results which meet company expectations. Orchestration of the program facilitates identification of novel solutions and comparative analysis for making decisions on which preventionmeasurestoadopt. Onefacility's experiencewithinstalling a pollution prevention program, analyzing the suggested prevention options,and implementingthe selectedmeasures ispresented.

Intoday's competitiveeconomy,controllingcostswhileexistingharmon- iouslywithboththeregulatoryandlocalcommunityhasforcedcompanies to lookwithin theirfence-linesforwaystoreducepollution. Market sharecompetition,typicallyaffectedby productquality,supply,promo- tion and pricing, can now also be affected by corporate environmental

       Government regulations, safety standards, and community and employeeawarenessconstraintheway companiescanoperateanddevelop. Xany corporations aremeeting thesechallengesby developingpollution preventionprograms.

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Pollution prevention ranks equally in importance with safety and quality. The experience of one company, as presented in this paper, providesthe readerwithgeneralguidelinesforestablishingapollution preventionprogram. A recommendedapproach ispresented below.

1. IdnetifyGoalsand Scopeof theProgram

2. Mobilizationof thePollution PreventionTeam

3. Databasesand InformationManagement

4 . EnvironmentalAudit

5 . Technologiesand Housekeeping

6. Analysisof PreventiveMeasures

7. Implementation

0 8 . Follow Up Evaluation

The subject facility's experiencewith a pollution preventionprogram proved beneficial in reducing pollutants to well below regulated requirements and operating costs. Within the facility were two operating units, each being oneof akind intheworld.

The oldest unit manufactured polyolefin fibers. The polymer was dissolved in a hydrocarbon and forced through nozzles into a flash vessel containingwaterwherethepolymerreformedintodiscretefibers and hydrocarbon flashed to a recovery unit. Additives in the water gave thefibershydrophilicproperties allowingthemtobe processed in fibrillatingequipmentanddewateredby asludgedewateringpress. The fiberproduct was sheeted,palletized and packaged.

The other unit blended a heavy hydrocarbon with additives, activators

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and catalyststoproducereactioninjectionmolding resins. Theresins were sold as separate componentswhich formed thermosetplastics upon theirmixture in formingmolds.


A pollution prevention program at the facility was undert...