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LNG 11 Issue of Gas Eng & Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217313D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07

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The Eleventh International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG11)will be held in Birmingham, 3-6 July 1995, at the

exhibition venue, with an expected attendance of 1200 delegates from over 40 countries.

Thisprestigious conference, covering all aspects of LNG production and trade, is held every three years which is consistent with the rapid development in LNG trade and technology. Indeed, the latest advances in LNG technology will be demonstrated during 1995 with the commissioningof the Malaysia Dua project at Bintulu, where large fixed shaft gas turbines will be used to drive refrigeration compressors for the first time.

Itis now thirty years since internationaltrade in LNG began, when the first shipment from Algeria was received at Canvey Island in the UK. Since that time worldwide LNG trade has grown from 750,000 tonnes per year to 61 million tonnes per year, equivalent to approximately 10 billion US dollars, and it is predicted that this will increase by an additional 47-75 million tonnes per year by 2010.

Confidence in predictions of the growth in LNG trade is strengthened by the excellent safety record of the industry over the last 30 years. Over 20,000 shipmentsof LNG have been made with no record of a serious incident leading to uncontrolled spillage of LNG from cargo containment or storage tanks.

The actual future growth in LNG trade will depend on proving the gas reserves being considered forLNG export projects, and on achieving LNG plant installation costs consistent with a competitive delivered LNG price. Cost reduction is a major issue with both operators and contractors.

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Why is LNG 11 being held in the UK., when there is currently no marine trade in LNG to and from Great Britain?

- Firstly, Britain played a leading role in the initial development of marine transportation of liquefied natural gas.

- Secondly, with the advent of North Sea Gas, Britain subsequently

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- Thirdly, British Companies continue to play a leading role in the development of international LNG trade, and in the provision of shipping, engineering and project management services.

This article reviews the contributions which some of the leading British Companies are making to the LNG industry, and looks forward to the presentations and debate on LNG trade and technology to take place at the LNG 11Conference.

LNG Production Activities
Shell, through its interest in Conch International Methane,was involved in the first commercial scale LNG trade between Algeria and the UK, operating and managing two LNG ships, the Methane Progress and the Methane Princess.

British Gas was also a participant in this pioneering activity with the installation of the Canvey Island LNG import terminal, where liquid gas shipped from Algeria was stored, and vaporised into the UK gas distribution network. LNG Storage at Ca...