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Method And System For Locking An Encapsulated Filter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217332D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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A method and system for locking an encapsulated filter is disclosed.

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Method And System For Locking An Encapsulated Filter

Generally, installing threaded encapsulated filters is a time consuming task and is also prone to leakage and requires periodic fitting replacement. Thus, there is a need for a method and system to reduce the installation time of encapsulated filters.

Disclosed is a method and system for locking an encapsulated filter using a cam lock as shown in the figure. The method and system eliminates usage of threads and fittings, thereby simplifying the process of locking an encapsulated filter.


Two blocks, for example, delrin blocks, fitted with nipples are mounted on an aluminum rail. One of the blocks is fixed in place and the other block slides on the aluminum rail and is attached to a toggle clamp. Both blocks have machined ports that allow a liquid to flow. Liquid may flow through the block via a fitting (e.g. 1/8" National Pipe Thread (NPT) fitting) on the side. A nipple extends out from the blocks which also facilitates the flow of the liquid. Thereafter, one end of the encapsulated filter is placed over the fixed block. The handle of the toggle clamp is then pulled down. As a result, the sliding block slides towards the encapsulated filter and engages with the upper end of the encapsulated filter. The nipple fitted to the sliding block gradually enters the filter fitting. Before the toggle clamp reaches the locked position, two O-rings (one on each nipple) seals both the ends of the encapsulated filter...