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M.W. Kellogg Company gains knowledge, improves efficiency through Spirax Sarco Programs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217337D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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M.W. KelJogg Company galns knowledge,

    improves efficiency through Spirax Sarco programs M.W. Kdlogg Company,

. Houston, Texas
As one of themast highly regarded engineering firms In the UnitedStates, M.W. Kellogg employsonlywell-trained, hczwledgestbleengineers who canoffer their clients the latest design techniques.

    Keltogg englneers manychemicaI andmaterial refinery procesing plants In this role, Ketlogg regularlydesigns,purchasesand instalis steam processing systemsto power, heat and control the operations atthe new facilities. In the refinery setting, steam bused in numerous applications-

                                  evelywhere from heating the facllb to treating product A faulty steam system design or installation canliterally paralyze aplant's operations, buta well-engineered, quality steam systemcanbe on0 of aplan's greatest assets.

Education Is key

    As steam technologyis rapidly maturing, continuing education is crucialfor Kellogg engineers to deslgn with confidence. In additfon, becauseeach faciltty's useof steam bunique, it is necesmy forengineerstofully comprehend steam principak andtechnologyso customized, innovative applications canbe created to meet theneeds ofeach newdesign project Kellogg recognizes theimportance of training and for many years hasmaintained an ongoing partnership with Spirax Sarco, Inc. that ensures itscustomers receive steam products anddesign services

that meetall specifications.

   In 1091,Kellogg initiated Splrax into its Vendor Q u d iManagement Program(VQM). This agreement helps ensureconsistentlyhigh qual'@ steam

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products are provided for Kelloggprojects. Additionally, contfnuing education programs for Kellogg employees are repeatedly planned. The program also promates closeinteraction of the companies so steam system componentswhich perfectly meetprofect requirements are selected each tlme and at fhe iowest installed cost.To sealthe relationship and ensure the reIationship continues, Spirax offers all these consultation and training senrfces free ofcharge.

1997 training session

    The educational seminar on April 17,1997, for Kellogg ai Splrax Sarco's Houston training center is a perfect exampleof this relationship in action.

    Due iohealthy business growth, 1997saw the hiring of several young engineers ai Kellogg,and in Aprtl, Spfrax Sarco offered to hast atraining sessionto

broadenthe new recruits' knowledge of steam management and usage. Upon review of theprogram components, Kellogg'smanagementteam decided the program wouId beof such value that it would benefrt all its engineers, not...