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Spotlight Article on Joe Fruchtbaum Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217359D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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    Fewpeople are as content simply practicing acraft as is Joseph Fruchtbaum. Infact, Fruchtbaum is so committed to practical engineering, talk of administrativework is one of the few subjectsthat evoke acool response from the genial,self- effacingman.

    "Ilike technical things,"Fruchtbaum says. "Ihave avery strict interest in this area. Idon'thave any supervisory ambition whatsoever. Iam an engineer."

    There isplenty of evidenceto support Fruchtbaum'sclaim.A native of Russia, Fruchtbaumwas convincedby his uncle, Jacob, to come toU . S . in 1973 towork at his engineering firm in Buffalo. At the time,the young Fruchtbaumhad already published more than adozen technical articles and registered six patents.

enjoy the personal and professional freedomshe had here. Iknew it was agreat opportunity."

wife and daughter, to travel to the U . S . , the elder Fruchtbaum setout tohelp his nephew fine-tunehis skills in the area of solids handling.

    Jacob Fruchtbaum shared his nephew'slove for practical work. Though head of aprofitable engineering firm, he once returned $79,000 of a $104,000 jobtohis client because he felt

$25,000was a"fairer"price. Hepublished a 600-page volume on materials handling at the age of 92.

    "Hewas always working on that book,"Fruchtbaum says of his mentor. "Hewould often say tome, 'One day I'mgoing to publish it,'but Ithought tomyself, 'He isan old man. This is not going to happen.' Iwas wrong. He was determined and he published that book and he did.

    "Thatisagreat exampleof perseverance. Much of the passion Ihave for engineering, Ireceived from him."

    By 1980, Joe Fruchtbaum'sexpertise in the field was in high demand and he was recruitedby many engineering firms. He decided to join Kellogg and capitalize on its expanseof resources and its commitment to Solids Processing Tech...