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Improved Plant Design and Cost Reduction through Engineering Development Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217382D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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Don K. Hill, LNG Technology Manager

Charles A. Durr, Technology Vice President, LNG David A. Coyle, Chief Technology Engineer, LNG Prasad Rabindran, Process Engineer

The M.W. Kellogg Company

Houston, Texas, USA
The constant drive to improve plant safety and efficiency while reducing capital cost has

been helped in recent years by the addition of new engineering development tools. Among these tools are:

Pinch Technology used to compare and contrast process technologies and to optimize designs.

Shipping Simulations used to optimize the entire LNG chain and avoid over investing in any segment.

Depressurization Programs model the depressurization of complex systems, permitting proper material selection (safe and economical) and optimum relief system design consistent with new codes and regulations.

Dynamic Simulation Programs simulate the start-up, shutdown, and a variety of trip scenarios of complex equipment such as single shaft gas turbines. The need for this type of analysis increases with the larger, more powerful, and complex equipment and systems.

Reliability Analysis Programs and Equipment Failure Rate databases permit cost optimization and aid in decision making during design and when comparing different processes.

Three Dimensional Graphic Systems permit interference analysis, constructability analysis, layout and plot plan optimizations, etc. thereby reducing costs and schedul...