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Maximize Propylene Production with Superflex (Brochure)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217392D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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The technology is based on ,Arc0 Chemical Chnpany developments and patents. A fluidized reactor system employing a proprietary catalyst con- verts the low value hydrocarbons t o high value propylene. To meet future propylene demand, which is growing nwre rapidly than rhnt for ethylene?

SUPERFLEX can be installed in either an olefins plant or refincry.

PW.fo w,

Ultikate olefin p a rntios for a low

severi ty naphtha

typically limited

to 0.60 t o 0.65. Howttvrr, with

SLIPERFlfX, ne\v p1:ints can be de-

signrcl for P/E rntios up to 0.85. Xv LIi 1;Ib1c' ()lefi 11

iiwlticic t :, raf6-

froni pyrcjlysis p1:1 n t feedstc )Cks

n:112 and Ci'S

steam crnckrr arc

gasoline; processing these olefinic streams in

SUPERFLEX results in conversion to propylene. Fresh feed rates are increased to maintain ethylene production, replacing the recycle of these streams to the pyrolysis furnaces. Preliminary economic analysts show the

SUPERFLEX process provides less than a t\vo year simple pnyback on gross margin for a unit sited t o accomodate thr C, and Cj

strc;irns from a 700 KTPX ethylcne plant.

i)ue to trade off with furnace fi~els.etc.?the utility consumption (fuel and p w r ) w






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Chemical Company Jevelopments and SUPERFLEX results in conversion to propylene patents. A fluidiz...