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Commissioning and Operation of the Kellogg Transport Reactor with Westinghouse Candle Filter at the Power System Development Facility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217395D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07

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SEF-26-1396 13:W': FSDF-Id I LSUN'SI LLE

Commissioning and Operation ofthe Kellogg Transport Reactor with Westinghouse Candle Filter at the Power Systems Devclapment Facility

OIiver Davies, Howard Hendrix, Roxann Leonard, Guohai Liu, Charles Powell, P. Virnalchand Southern Company Services, Inc,, P.0Box 1069,Wilsonville, Alabama 35186

            Eusebius Gbordzoe
The M.W. Kellogg, 601 Jefferson Avenue, Houston, Texas77210

EPRI Conference on Gasification Technologies San Francisco, October 2 4 , 1996

Thk paper provides anintroduction to the initialoperation of The M.W Kellogg's Transportreactor and the Westinghouse filter vessel at the Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF), located in Wilsonville, Alabama. The PSDF is a Department of Energy (DOE)sponsored, engineering scale demonslxation of two advanced coal-fired power systems including hot gas cleanup. The paper discusses them n tstatus of design, construGtio4 commissioning and operation of the Transport reactor train. In addition to DOE,Southern Company Services (SCS) and the Electric Power Research Institute are co-fimders Other co-fimding participants supplying services or equipment include The M. W. Kellogg Compmy (MWK)),Foster Wheeler, Westinghouse, Industrial Filter & Pump (lF&P), Combustion Power Company (CPC)and Nolan Multimedia. SCS is responsible for operation of the PSDF.

The Transport reactor is anadvanced circulatingfluidized bed reactor acting as either a combustor or a gasifier using one of two possible Hot gas clean-up filter technologies (Particulate ControlDevices or PCm) at a component size readily scaleableto commercial systems. Design and constructionof the Transport reactor and required associated equipment was completed in early summer 1996. By mid-summer all separate components and sub-systems were fully operational and commissioning work was focused on integration issues for the entire reactor system. The ceramic candleswere loaded into the WestinghousePCD as well. Initial opemtion of the Transport reactor as a combustor was achieved in August, with plans to initiate test operation as rz gasifier being scheduledfor early 1997.

The Power Systems Development Facility

SCShas entered into anagreement witb DOElMorgantownEnergy Technology Center (METC) for the design, constmetion and operation of a hot gas cleanup test facility for Gasification and Pressurized Combustion. The intent of the PSDF is to provide a flexible test facility that can be used to develop advanced power system components, evaluate advanced turbine system configurations, and assessthe integration andcontrol issues of these advancedpower systems. The facilityprovides a resource for rigorous, long-term testing and performance assessmentof hot stream cleanup devices mdother components in anintegrated environment.

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SEP-26-1936 13:a3 PSDF-W I LSONUI LLE


The PSDFwill consist of five modules for systems and component testing. These modules include an Advanced Pressurized Fluidize...