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Fabrication and Operation of Pilot Plants, Cold Flow Models and Contract R&D Units at the M.W. Technology Company Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217399D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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Fabrication and Operation of Pilot Plants, Cold Flow Models and Contract R&D Units at The M.W. Kellogg Technology Company

David P. Mann [Speaker], The M.W. Kellogg Technology Company

AIChE 1997 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles Session 219: Pictures of Pilot Plants (Poster Session) Poster 2 19d
Thursday, November 20 - 8:30AM

Pictures of the wide variety of refinery technology pilot plants and cold flow models operating at The Kellogg Technology Development Center and several unique pilot plants fabricated for clients on a contract basis will be exhibited.


In our 95-year history, The M.W. Kellogg Company (Kellogg) has designed and engineered more than 3,000 commercial plants for the petroleum refining and chemical process industries including many first-of-a-kind processes. While some of these units were based upon client-developed or third-party technologies, the majority of these first-of-a-kind units resulted from successful Kellogg-developed in-house technology orjoint technology development programs. Kellogg is unique among the major international EPC contractors in maintaining both a large process design staff with development experience and an applied process research and development center. As a reflection of Kellogg's dual commitments to continuous process improvement and to offering Kellogg clients the safest, most reliable, economical and flexible process technologies available, Kellogg formed The M.W. Kellogg Technology Company in 1995. However, the Kellogg Technology Development Center (KTDC) has been an integral part of Kellogg since the 1920s. In 1975 KTDC was relocated to a modern facility located 20 miles west of downtownHouston, Texas, With its exceptional pilot plant design, fabrication and operation capabilities, KTDC plays a critical role in helping Kellogg meet its process technology development goals.

KTDC has fully-equipped, highly-versatile pilot plant facilities, designed and built by the KTDC staff, which are available for both client-contracted R&D and joint technology development projects. These pilot plants include a large, steam-hydrocarbon pyrolysis ethylene unit; a delayed coker; a visbreaker; a circulating fluidized bed transport reactor; two FCC pilot plants; a ROSEm (Residuum Oil Supercritical Extraction) Pilot Plant, batch and continuous vacuum distillation towers; an ammonia synthesis catalyst test unit; and a Bench Scale Pyrolysis Unit (BSPU).

Many unique cold flow models have also been designed, built and operated at KTDC, including an FCC Riser-Cyclone Model, a Transport Reactor Model, a KAAP Ammonia Reactor Basket, an FCC Dense-Phase Catalyst Cooler, a Hydrotreater Quench Tray, an FCC Nozzle Test Stand complete with a laser Doppler phase-shift droplet size analyzer, and the world's largest FCC Regenerator Cold Flow Model. These cold flow models, which are typically constructed of carbon steel, acrylic and PVC, allow the detailed study of gas-liquid and gas-solid flow phenomena in 1/50 to 1/4 scale models of commercial process equipment. These models have been used for a wide range of uses-from providing th...