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Review of Commercial Operating Experience of KAAP and KRES Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217406D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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Review of Commercial Experience of


T.A. Czuppon / S.A. Knez / R.B. Strait

1 9 9 6 AICHE Ammonia S a f e t y Symposium

September , 1 9 9 6

      Boston, MA
The M.W. Kellogg Company

Houston, Texas, USA

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In 1994, Pacific Ammonia Incorporated completed a retrofit of theirammoniaplant,located inKitimat, British Columbia,Canada, which resulted in an increase in ammonia production capacity by more than 40%. This retrofit featured the first commercial application of two advanced, proprietary ammonia processes developedby TheM.W. Kellogg Company:TheKellogg Advanced Ammonia Process (KAAP)and the Kellogg Reforming Exchanger System (KRES). KAAP, which is based on the use of a precious-metal ammonia synthesis catalyst, with superior properties and significantly higher activity than the conventional iron catalyst, has been in successfuloperationat PacificAmmonia sinceNovember1992. KRES, which features a patented approach to steam reforming that eliminates the fired primary reformerby making use of high level process heat to facilitate reforming in a simple, open-tubeheat exchanger, has been in successful operation since October 1994.


In1994, theOcelotAmmonia Company, located inKitimat,British Columbia,Canada,
The plant is now called Pacific Ammonia Incorporated (PAI).


At the 33th AICHE Ammonia Safety Symposium (September 1993),

Kellogg and Ocelot presented apaper titled,"TheKellogg Advanced Ammonia Process: First Commercial Application at Ocelot Ammonia

and RRES

cameunderthenewownershipofMitsui of Japan.

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Company". That paper gave details of the extensive development work and commercialization activities leadingup to the successful commissioning, start-upand operation of the KAAP technology in November of 1992. At the 35th AICHE Ammonia Safety Symposium (September1995),Kellogg and Methanex presented a paper titled, "The Kellogg Reforming Exchanger System: First Commercial


Application at Methanex/Kitimat". That paper gave an overview of theanalyticalandmechanical designhighlightsof Kellogg'sunique .reformingexchanger system as well as details of the successful commissioning, start-up and initial operation of the KRES technology in October of 1994.

This paper provides updated information on the commercial experience of Kellogg's KAAP and KRES technology at Pacific Ammonia, focusing on operation and performance. Both KAAP and KRES are operating with excellent performance and stability. Both

KAAP and KRES have met or exceeded all flowsheet requirements. Thispaperwill also showhow theexperienceat PacificAmmoniahas been incorporatedinto Kellogg's latest ammoniaplant design. The new technology from Kellogg, having been commerciallyproven, is gaining wide acceptance, allowing the user to be the low cost producer. The benefits of the new technology have been clearly demonstratedat Pacific Ammonia. Th...