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GasNatural's LNG Peak Shaving Plant in Argentina Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217444D
Publication Date: 2012-May-07
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LNG Peak Shaving f a c i l i t i e s are being provided i n Argentina by gasNatura1 BAN t o a s s i s t i n the e f f i c i e n t management of t h e i r natural gas supply system.

The productive gas reservoirs are located i n the North, South and Middle West of the country and hence f a r from the areas of maximum consumption. There are no f a c i l i t i e s f o r intermediate storage of gas and the gas production system i s non-regulated.

The gas consumption i n Argentina i s 20 GSm'lyear of which 2.6 GSm3/year are supplied by gasNatural BAN. Gas i s transported t o the consumers by means of f i v e gas pipelines which are operated by two transport agents, South Gas Transportation Co. And North Gas Transportation Co. These two companies deliver gas t o eight distributors, one being gasNatura1 BAN, and also t o independent customers.

As the responsible distribution company, GasNatural BAN provides a gas supply t o 26 d i s t r i c t s around Buenos Aires with 975,000 domestic and 1,100 industrial customers.

Gas demand varies from a maximum of 13 MSm3/day d u r i n g the winter peak, t o a minimum of 4MSm3 /day d u r i n g summer. W i t h no base load u t i l i s a t i o n , the gas consumption depends mainly on the climate.

Careful management of the gas supply system i s required t o ensure economic utilisation and t o minimise any disruption i n gas supply t o uninterruptable customers. The following Gas Management "tools" are considered t o be necessary t o achieve the above objectives.

-- - Dispatch pattern data, t o allow co-ordination of gas delivery t o the consumption areas, Transport capacity, sufficient t o cover the demand of each d i s t r i b u t i o n company and i t s ensuring adequate pressure and gas supply t o customers.


- Schedule for reduction of supply t o the uninterruptable customers on a f a i r basis, i n the event of limited gas supply.

- Prediction system of daily demand, based on weather forecasts and historical data.

- Peak shaving f a c i l i t i e s t o allow f l e x i b i l i t y i n the gas supply system and t o enable satisfaction of peak demand.

In order t o provide an adequate supply o f natural gas d u r i n g periods of h i g h demand, gasNatural BAN has installed an LNG Peak Shaving Plant a t General Rodreguez.


The Plant i s located i n a d i s t r i c t 70 krn North West from Buenos Aires City, called General Rodriguez. A map indicating the plant location i s i l l u s t r a t e d i n Figure 1. The LNG plant s i t e occupies an area of 11 hectares.

This s i t e was selected following environmental and safety studies. The major factors which influenced s i t e selection were as follows:


8 July 96

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Large available plot area, which satisfied required safety distances &i+FfsweBfor

A rural location adjacent t o a l i g h t industrial area. future expwksi*.

- Minimises the environmental impact on the vicinity.

- Adjacent t o the m...