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Nondestructive Examination (NDE) Training & Certification: Is is Available, Affordable, Accessable, and Crredible Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217500D
Publication Date: 2012-May-08
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By ASNT President Nat Faransso


Through extensive travel f b f - m ~ e ~ 4 ~ - T e x m T - W ~ -

to various parts

of the world working on oil and gas projects in the discipline of Nondestructive Examination (NDE), Kellogg Brown and Root, Inc (KBR) has looked I~HwA&Ain depth at the issue of training, qualification and certification of NDE personnel in the international market and have reached conclusions that carry more questions than answers. One major question demands an answer more than others. The question is whether existing NDE training and certification services around the world are accessible, available, affordable, reliable, credible and acceptable to accommodate the increasing demand on NDE services by global construction, maintenance and service projects. This is the question chosen to be addressed in this keynote address.

It is recognized that in some parts of the world such as the US and Western Europe, the issue is not a concern due to the saturation of the market with such services for the past several decades. These services have been provided with a high degree of performance, availability and affordabilityto those in need of it. Despite various requirements of codes, standards and regulatory bodies, various NDE training and certification schemes have been developed and have successfblly satisfied such requirements. However, the picture is not the same when applied to other parts of the world.

Despite the competition existing between various NDE certification schemes and programs to dominatethe internationalNDE training and certification market and despite the fact that these services have succeeded in reaching major cities in some countries outside the US and Western Europe, they have had very limited success otherwise due to various reasons including the means of conducting business and anticipated results. This limited access has resulted in the deprivation of services and has limited the number of people possessing such credentials and the competency of those able to obtain them. Globalization of companies and expansion of construction, maintenance and service projects to new parts of the world has made this issue more pressing and has increased the demand for well-trained, experienced and certified NDE personnel.


Some of the apparent reasons for the limited access to training and certification of NDE personnel in various parts of the world outside the US and Western Europe may be summarized in the following:

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1. Business & financial issues: Since return on investment is the basis for any business, many organizations are reluctant to expand their training and certificationservices and invest in a market with uncertainty of size, continuity, stability and return on investment. Even nonprofit organizations are compelled to take a cautious approach in being involved in such an...