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Steam Output Indicator coupled to Steam trigger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217631D
Publication Date: 2012-May-10
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Steam output indicator coupled to steam trigger

In steam irons allowing the user to dose the amount of steam via a kind of trigger mechanism it could be unclear to the user how much steam is actually outputted. To overcome this problem it is proposed to have a steam output indicator visible to the user while using the steam iron. This steam output indicator can be mechanically coupled to the actuator operated by the user. Alternatively an electronic coupling is used.

In a mechanical embodiment the solution could look like:

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As in the mechanical embodiment all the parts are linked mechanically, movement of each part is directly proportional to the movement of the trigger in a continuous mode. Therefore, by adjusting the ratio of movement of the level to the trigger, a scale from "zero steam rate" to "max steam rate" can be obtained and be printed onto the housing. Hence provide an accurate & real time feedback of steam rate during ironing.