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Development and Commercialization of a Novel Ruthenium Based Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217699D
Publication Date: 2012-May-10
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Development and Commercialization of a Novel Ruthenium Based Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst

Saeed Alerasool, Engelhard Corporation, Beachwood, Ohio and

David P. Mann, KBR, Houston, TX

Since the advent of first ammonia synthesis catalyst in the early 1900's, improvements in ammonia reactor productivity have been primarily achieved through advances in reactor design and process development with only incremental changes in catalyst formulation. In fact, the first step-change development in catalyst technology did not occur until over seventy years later. This occurred through the development of a promoted ruthenium- based formulation with ten to twenty times higher intrinsic activity than traditional promoted magnetite catalyst. Advances in the composition of the active metal ingredients combined with the development of a uniquely stable carbon support have led to the successful commercialization of this catalyst in the KBR Advanced Ammonia Process (KAAP). This paper will review the unique features of KAAP catalyst including the role of promoters and support structure, the methanation stability of KAAP catalyst at elevated temperatures versus other ruthenium on carbon catalysts, and its ammonia synthesis activity versus traditional Magnetite catalyst and published catalysts based on ruthenium on other oxide supports. The commercial performance history of KAAP catalyst will be reviewed including a discussion of catalyst improvements made since the first commerc...