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Revamp of Liaohe’s Ammonia Plant with KRES Technology to reduce natural gas usage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217723D
Publication Date: 2012-May-10
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Revamp of Liaohe's Ammonia Plant with KRES Technology to reduce natural gas usage


  Shenzhen Liaohe Tongda Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Liaohe) has been operating a conventional KBR technology based 1000 MTPD ammonia plant since 1978 at Panjin City in Liaoning province China. The plant has been facing a natu- ral gas supply curtailment leading to very low capacity utilization and reduced production.

  In 2001 Liaohe awarded KBR a contract to supply technology and basic engineering for a project to revamp this plant to reduce natural gas consumption from 9.15 to 6. 47(expected) Gcal/MT by replacing the existing fired primary reformer with KRES (KBR Reforming Exchanger System) and maintain capacity of 1070 mtpd ammonia. An offsite coal fired package boiler was provided to maintain steam balance. Beside increased capacity utilization of ammonia plant and saving on the overall fuel bill, Liaohe also expected increased production of COz by 13% and consequent higher urea production.

  Liaohe's KRES unit is based on a significantly improved version of the original design used for Methanex's 350 mtpd ammonia plant at Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada. Several optimized and enhanced features have been incor- porated in its design. The commissioning and operating experience at Liaohe has re-cotifirmed all the outstanding at- tributes of the KRES at Kitimat. All the technology enhancements, including scalability, have perforated per design. The unit is very operator friendly, flexible and it adapts well to varying throughput requirements. The Liaohe revamp project has met all its expected goals. KRES offers new generation of proven technology alternative to the conventional reformer furaace.

  The purposes of this paper are to overview the KRES technology and provide project execution, design, commis- sioning and operating experience on the Liaohe's KRES unit at Panjin


Avinash Malhotra Paul Kramer

Shashi Singh

KBR, Houston, Texas



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henzhen Liaohe Tongda Chemicals Co. Ltd. ~has been operating a conventional KBR

      technology based I000 MTPD ammonia plant since 1978 at Panjin city in Liaoning province China, The plant actually produced up to 1070 MTPD ammonia, However it has been facing natural gas supply curtailments which typically beenme severe with weather. Supply curtailment goes up during winter and is less severe during the summer when natural gas sup- ply is freed from other priority users. Curtailment is more in nights compared to the day time when the am- bient gets wanner freeing some of the gas from the pri- ority users.

  KBR studied various technology options to revamp the Lianhc ammonia plant to improve the overall capac- ity utilization by significantly reducing its natural gas requirement. Unlike natural gas, coal is available in Pan- fin in abundance at comparatively lower price. KRES tcchnology based revamp was found to be the best solu- tion. In 2001 Liaohc awarded KBR a contract...