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Site performance and full speed, full load testing of a 40MW ASDS compressor train

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Publication Date: 2012-May-10

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MWKL ! KBR Paper No. t938

Site performance and full speed, full load testing of a 40MW ASDS compressor train

Simon Heath & Bjern T. Hauge

Site Test Leader, MWKI_ & Discipline l,eader Rotating Equipment, Statoil ASA


For what is believed to be the first time for a machine of this type and application, an ASME PTCI0-97 Type 1 performance test has been completed on site, producing actual compressor performance curves. The installation was designed to provide a permanent test platform for this testing and future research and development. Site testing was completed with the plant in operation and, at times, with this new sales gas compressor exporting gas to the pipeline. This paper describes the philosophy, requirements and experience of this testing as part of the latest expansion of the K~rst~ gas processing plant, Norway.


1.1 Background

With the world's energy needs increasingly being met by natural gas, upstreanr gas plants, have been growing in both number and size in recent years. For these projects, large compressor trains form a significant proportion of capital cost, and full load shop testing can contribute anywhere upwards of US$1m; in this case, approximately US$9m. Moreover, there is ever more focus on plant efficiency and availability, inevitably leading to more focus on the machines, and every aspect of design from rotor-/aero-dynamic design
to layout in the plant. Variable speed motors in mechanical drive service are growing in size and present their own problems for shop testing.

In October 2002, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the K~rst0 Expansion Project 2005 commenced. K~rstO Processing Plant, already the largest gas plant and third largest producer of liquid petroleum gas in Europe, is owned by Gassled (1) and operated by Gassco with Statoil as Technical Service Provider. The plant receives natural gas via the Statpipe and ,~sgard pipelines and has two sales gas pipelines, Europipe 11 (EPII) and Draupner. The project, executed by an integrated team fi'om M. W. Kellogg Limited (MWKL) (2) and Statoil, principally increased the gas processing capacity by

13.5MSm3/d to 88MSJn3/d, with new fractionation, compression, utility equipment and infrastructure, integrated at various locations within the existing plant. This enables the plant to handle the additional throughput received from the new Kristin offshore platform. The largest equipment package installed by the project, and now the largest machine on the plant is the new sales gas compressor. By early summer 2005, this package and the related systeJns were installed, commissioned and ready for start-up dynamic testing. A total of six

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MWKL / KBR Paper No. 1938

weeks testing over 3 months was successfully completed. By the time the system was handed over to operations, in excess of 100 running hours had been accumulated.


Figure 1 : Process system overview

1.2 Sales gas compression system overview

The ne...