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Managing Engineering Information Technology Support Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217750D
Publication Date: 2012-May-10
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Managing Engineering Information Technology Support

Typically, the problem resolution activities of IT Support in the lifecycle of solving its customer's problems are complex in engineering and affiliated software providers. Improved knowledge of the IT Support life cycle can result in improved efficiency and elimination of unnecessary expenses. Support in the form of software deployment, daily maintenance, training, and in rectifying engineering errors may be compromised due to the lack of knowledge of the various IT Support problem resolution activities. Lack of such knowledge not only delays resolution of IT problems but can cause delay in the execution of the EPC projects, which increases costs and invite dissatisfaction from clients. Maintaining customer satisfaction in this world of rapidly changing advance technology has become a challenge and one of the most important criteria and driving force for the engineering industry. Customers of engineering and affiliated software companies must be satisfied with the quality, efficiency, budget and delivery of the work. In present day scenarios, Information Technology Support plays an important part in maintaining customer satisfaction and hence the requirement to do an in-depth study on the IT Support processes itself

This paper examines the different types of IT Support problems, and their impact on the information technology support life cycle in solving problems and proposes a methodology for monitoring and managing...