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Rule based engine for transforming organizational look and feel standards and branding (any standards in general) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217997D
Publication Date: 2012-May-15
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The main theme of this disclosure is to identify the challenges that organizations face with branding (Look and Feel) of their websites when they work with products having a branding structure that is completely different. Organizations have their websites which maintains standard look and feel that is uniform across the pages. If an organization uses any third party product to develop its internet sales application, it will want to have the same look and feel for all pages. The default Look and Feel and branding of the third party tool (TPT) with default branding implementation present (hereby referred to as TPT) will not suffice the organizational needs in this case. This process is much more than just changing the images and logos. It takes a lot of effort to convert the Look and Feel of various TPT’s to organization specific standards along with the functionality. Various TPT’s have their own algorithms to control their look and feel. Changing this look and feel is not only challenging but also very risky since it removes a number of TPT specific code snippets which can cause the normal operations of the site to stop functioning. There is however a genuine need which comes from the Branding aspect of an organization to convert the TPT look and feel to the organization specific look and feel which is a huge globalization need. Our invention works on this issue by creating a set of rules and algorithm in order to convert the TPT standard to any organization specific look and feel (and this algorithm and set of rules can be used to convert to any look and feel standard also).

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Rule based engine for transforming organizational look and feel standards and branding (any standards in general)

Rule based engine for transforming organizational look and

feel standards and branding (any standards in general)

1. Introduction

The problem of customizing TPT look and feel to some organization specific branding is very common. In many areas to develop the front end business applications we use TPT which may have a default implementation that looks like something else rather than the desired organization look and feel. Yet there is no known solution present for doing a research as to how the TPT look and feel can be converted using a set of rules and processes. We have tried to generalize the same and identified it below.

A. Known Solution

    TPT's usually recommend customizing the look and feel by changing their logos to Company/Organization specific logos. It also may allow frame sizes of header, left-navigation, right-panel to be set according to organization specific needs. However this is purely based on product to product and is not a published approach.

B. Challenges

There are a number of challenges in this conversion

1) Some TPT's are frame based, some are not. The organization where this conversion has to be done needs to know very carefully regarding this and then make the changes.

2) The number of frames, like header, footer, etc. is not same in all organizations. For example, a product may not define any footer frame, but several organizations have a footer which has many important links.


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3) If we have to move any link from one frame to another in, it is not a straight forward change. Many associated code changes are required along with front end code change.

4) There may be multiple business processes on the internet that the TPT supports like B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) and BoB (Business on Behalf). Each default branding implementation of the product may be different from what we desire. Hence we need to change/customize all default implementations that is suited for our business.

The application of this disclosure is to help any organization who does their internet sales implementation using TPT to convert the TPT look and feel to their standard look and feel (which is the brand look and feel for the organization). The summary of the invention is to that we have created a set of rules and algorithm which when applied will help organizations to convert their TPT implementation look and feel to organization look and feel branding structure. This will also take care of the implicit codes and not hamper the functionality of the default interface.

C. Advantages of the approach

(1) Online organizational branding is a very important feature nowadays in the market where internet selling and internet commerce is so important. Using this rules engine can benefit most organization to seamlessly transform the product look and feel to the organization look and feel. Having th...