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Smarter and Secure method for Information Obfuscation for enhanced Security Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218001D
Publication Date: 2012-May-15
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Financial institutions and banks offer a number of services and features which adds the security to the user transactions, such as providing the different grids or pins while login to their accounts or do the financial transactions over the Internet. Financial institutions and banks also provide the different security services, in case the users forget their passwords. Although different mechanisms are already available, what is needed today is to secure the financial transactions or withdrawals from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) when the user is been asked to do the same under the pressure of some third person (could be a gunman/thief). This proposed solution limits the user’s loss by providing the mechanism to show limited balance with the use of different passwords/pins. This proposed solution is also applicable in the field of computer data hiding, Auto hiding of the confidential data with different pins/passwords from the thief/gunman so that the user can secure his financial and confidential files.

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Smarter and Secure method for Information Obfuscation for enhanced Security


In today's system, when gunman keeps the gun on the neck of the normal person and asks to withdraw money from the ATM or transfer the money from his account to gunman's account, then the user will be in trouble and will loose the whole money or loose the confidential data if he does not hide the whole balance or confidential files. So to limit the users loss to a minimum level (or keep the confidential files hidden from the gunman), user needs to hide his total balance from his account from the gunman. With the legacy single password system, user can not hide the whole balance or secure the confidential data. To avoid this, we are proposing the multiple

password/pin based method so that user can show only minimum amount to the gunman with the initial login password/pin. If the user wants to see the whole balance or confidential files/data, then user can use another password/pin.

The core idea is to have multiple password/pins associated with the user of a system such that the content shown by the system varies based on the password entered by the user. The idea claims to have a smart content filter integrated with the system and associated with the multi

password pin's ; wherein the system can be any system which is associated with a content display on entering a password.

Usage in Storage

The proposed idea is to be integrated with Network Attached Storage (NAS) wherein when the end user logs into the NAS box the system shows a given set of files and when the same user logs in the same NAS box using another password the system shows another set of files. There could be various end user scenarios where this could be helpful wherein, the user accesses the filer using a given password user is able to view and access all private or confidential files, but the same user when access the filer using another password the filer the user can view and access only public files (this filter can be user configurable) or a set of totally different or fake files.

Usage in Banking Domain

The proposed idea is too integrated with banking application and ATM systems which shows the user, his accoun...