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A Method for Dynamically Gathering Context Based Resources for a Meeting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218104D
Publication Date: 2012-May-21
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A method is provided to dynamically gather context based resources for an impending meeting. The method facilitates users to be updated context and agenda wise for any meeting that they may attend.

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A Method for Dynamically Gathering Context Based Resources for a Meeting

Disclosed is a method and system for dynamically gathering context based resources for an impending meeting.

The disclosed method provides for a user to develop an individual context for a meeting that the user may accept an invitation. On acceptance of an invitation to a meeting the method enables a user to enhance their preparation for attending the meeting by dynamically gathering all context relevant resources. These context relevant resources may be, but not limited to, previous communication about the meeting over email, instant messenger, social network, etc. Further, the resources may also include additional details about any topic that may be present in the meeting agenda. The resources may also include information and details that may have been included in the invitation as references. The resources may be gathered over time based on communication and other activities such as change in agenda, addition of attendees, etc. regarding the meeting. The gathered and stored resources are then made available to a user/an attendee at the time of the meeting collectively. The disclosed method thus enables a user to dynamically gather and store all such context relevant resources collectively so as to keep the attendee fully aware and prepped for any impending meeting that the user may attend.

In an exemplary embodiment, the method defines three important aspects such as the meeting chair, the meeting invitee/attendee and the calendar invite.

The meeting chair sets up the meeting. The meeting chair being aware of the agenda of the meeting, may gather some resources that may be relevant to and required for the agenda of the meeting. These resources may be, but not limited to, the number to call, dial in information, topics of discussion and any related queries/matters to be specifically discussed, etc. The meeting chair will extend invitation to all other invitees. The resources gathered by the meeting chair may be assembled into the invitation


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extended by the meeting chair.

An invitee is a person invited to a meeting by the meeting chair. The invitee is provided information to connect to the meeting through...