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Cooperative video download for mobile devices based on GPS position Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218261D
Publication Date: 2012-May-30
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A method for a cooperative video download

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Cooperative video download for mobile devices based on GPS position

Nowadays, smart phones and generic mobile devices are often used to watch events that are broadcast in streaming. One of the possible issue that user can face is that due to restriction on his mobile client (as available credit) or simply because of limited server bandwidth the event is not available or at least the streaming is very slow. Usually the issue is solved with a peer-to-peer or torrent approach and server uses the other clients to broadcast the information, we propose a different and more effective solution to this issue tailored for mobiles clients.

The idea presented in this article is to propose a method and system to address the issue of a limited streaming available to a mobile. The idea is to rely on mobile position (that can be identified via GPS), to locate other mobiles nearby that are watching the same event and to rely on them establishing a secondary communication channel to access to live event in streaming instead of relying only on the remote server.

The main blocks of the solutions are:

1) A dedicated app. run on the mobile client (aka MobileStreamingClient MSC ) and is responsible to query the server if needed to locate other mobile nearby that are accessing the same live streaming event

2) A server application that is responsible to search (aka MobileLocatorServer MLS) for all the mobile clients available to broadcast the event


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Here below the basic wo...