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Harvesting Rainwater Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218292D
Publication Date: 2012-May-31
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This article describes how we can leverage the NOA/NASA satellite monsoon rain data to optimize the rain collection using modified vessels. The process is to collect and analyze current and historical rain data and to build computer models to optimize rain cells location tracking. A new class of vessel, acting as large, moving collection areas will follow the path built by the model, collect the rain and deliver it.

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Harvesting Rainwater

Global Freshwater reserves are rapidly depleting and this is expected to significantly impact many densely populated areas of the world. Low to middle income developing regions as well as highly developed countries will face water stress in the future by 2025, India, China and select countries in Europe and Africa will face water scarcity.

Note: This is a 'Business Methods Patent' invention

Build a new class of ships that will include:
Large rainwater collection area


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Maximize rainwater collection by adopting a 'follow the rain' approach

Use of 'Doppler' radars for rain tracking

Water treatment plant

Local regulation compliance

Steady state vs. 'catastrophic events' (earthquakes, tsunami, ...)

Water conditioning plant (from bottle to 20-foot flexi-tanks containers)

Adapt to market and conditions

Ship operations


Circle high density rainwater area (Indian Ocean, China Sea) collecting, treating and conditioning water

Emergency (catastrophic natural disaster events)

          Fixed location, treating, conditioning water for local emergency supply Business drivers

Rainwater is FREE

Water consumption and price will increase dramatically for the next 35 years
Collecting rainwater in 'monsoon rain' zone is an alternative to 'Alaska-India, Alaska-China' water shipping

Shipping costs


Using 'moving' rainwater collecting areas increases business profitability Control and optimize the supply chain from 'collection' to 'delivery'