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Process for Extrapolating Sales Pipeline Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218315D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-01
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Disclosed is a process for extrapolating sales pipeline data into an easy to read and viewable reporting structure. The process takes raw sales pipeline data from IBM DB2* databases and transforms it into easy to read reports and information in IBM Lotus Notes*. This process eliminates the need for sales representatives, sales managers, and sales executives to use or view complex and raw sales pipeline information in DB2 directly.

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Process for Extrapolating Sales Pipeline Data

The process starts with a raw data pull from IBM® DB2® database containing the raw sales pipeline data. The pull can be made with Cognos® or BrioQuery Explorer®. Once the data is pulled with Cognos or BrioQuery Explorer the raw data is then exported into a IBM Lotus 1-2-3® file format with a WK4 file extension. Once the raw data is in IBM Lotus 1-2-3 file format, it can be imported into IBM Lotus Notes®. The raw data is imported into a single view in IBM Lotus Notes which is formatted with the same columnar data structure as the raw data. Once in IBM Lotus Notes, the raw data can be configured and viewed in numerous ways using Lotus Designer to construct various views needed by the sales organization for reporting and analyzing sales information.

The advantage of using IBM Lotus Notes is that it is easy to use and no sales training is needed in order to be able to view these reports. Since organizations who have IBM Lotus Notes deployed as their mail system, these reports and data can quickly and easily be accessed by entire global sales organizations with no need for access to the DB2 stored system for which for raw data is updated and stored.

The problem solved is the viewing and analysis of Siebel® (CRM) pipeline data. The pipeline data is held in the Siebel system. This system is not designed for reporting but rather input and storing. The system is designed to take the data from Siebel and port it to a us...