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A Method and System of an Integrated Mount for Payment Device for Convertible Self-Checkout System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218337D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-04
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A method and system is provided for an integrated mount for payment device for convertible self-checkout system.

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Disclosed is a method and system for an integrated mount for payment device for a convertible self-checkout system to enable it to operate in self-checkout and staff operated modes.

An ordinary self-checkout system may comprise a touch screen display device, a barcode scanner, scales, a payment device and a printer. In a self-checkout mode all the component devices may face the shopper while in an operated mode, while in the

staff operated mode the devices may face both, the shopper and the staff, as required. The re-arrangement of these devices may be time consuming at peak hours of operation. Therefore, the method and system disclosed herein provide an integrated mount for a payment device in a self-checkout system to make it convertible as required. Accordingly, the method and system maintain a fixed location for the display and the barcode scanner in a self-checkout system and instead provide for rotation of the payment device in order to accomplish the conversion. Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary embodiment of the method and system disclosed herein.


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Figure 1

Accordingly, the payment device is mounted on a rotatable arm just below the display,

with the device contained within the footprint of the overall system. In order to convert to a staff operated mode, the payment device is moved or rotated to the rear of the system. Accordingly, the display is raised to provide space to accomplish the rotation as illust...