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Estimating for Instrumentation & Controls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218503D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-05
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Estimatinqfor Instrumentation-

bv Uavid I-. Deaton

The MI W. KelloggCompany

Maintainingtighter project cost control is at the top of every list of strategic goals for major engineeringand construction projects in the process industries. This criterion has a special influence on the world of instrumentation, where advancing technology continually adds to the complexity of devices, systems, and work processes. Most computer-aided estimating tools employ cumbersome spreadsheets which are difficultto use, maintain and update. They fall short of

I itating the estimating process.

A progressive solution to these problems has been developed and project-tested. This approach uses a self-documenting process and computer program which facilitate the production of either detailed or factored estimates. The computer-based system incorporatesstraightforward pull-down menus, input from picklistswhere appropriate, relational databases, and current data on pricing, installationmaterials and activity workhours. The system also features on-line context-sensitive help, inter-disciplinefile transfers, flexibility to define defaults and new categories, and concise reportsat multiple levels of detail. All documentation supporting an estimate is generated and stored both electronically and in hard-copyform for historical database update and permanent file retention.

Benefitsfrom this system include more timely, consistent and accurate original estimates, improved management of chan...