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The Pinon Pine IGCC Project Design & Permitting Issues Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218507D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-05
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l - E J 3 - 9 - 9 5 T U E 1 1 : 3 6 S P P C o T o m P a r k e r

February 9,1993

Sicn'a Pacific Powcr Company plan$ to build 8n intcgratcd coal gasification combtncd cyclo (YGCC)

powcr plant. Thcpmjcct was sclcctcd byrhc U.S.Dcpamcnt of Encrgy @oE) for funding undar thc

\ foutlh round of thc Clcan Coal Tcchnology Propm and will bc constructcd at Slma's cxisting Tracy gowcr plant silo lwatcd 20 mllw cast of Rcno, Ncvada, Thc projcct hasbccndcsignatcdthc PifEon Pine Powcr Pmjcct; a DOESPPC Coopcrativc Agreomont for the pmjccl was complotcd inJuly, 1992 and will

0 provide for appmximatdy $135 million of funding; half of rbo projactcd costs of conslructIon, O&M, and fucl COS^ for 8 fouryear demonstration projcct. Thc projcct wiIl utilize tho KRW flutdizcd bcd ash agglomeratinggasificr in mairblown mode wflhbot gas ctcanup cmploying coramic candlc fittors and P

mtxcd rnctal oxldc sorbcnt for s u l kabsorption. The plant will produce $6-105 mcgawatts of ulcclric powor, dependingupon final equipment and configurationdocisions now gcnding.

Pcmitling and environmcntal studis wcrc initiated at rho site in mid-1992. Dosign and cngincorhg aclivitcs for thc projcct commcnccd in Dcccmbcr 1992 following a dcbrminotion on Sim'a Elcctric Rcsourco Plan fllhg by the Ncvada Publio Smice Commission, The papcr will ptovidc an updato on

project SWUS, and a discussion onscvcral kcydcsign issucs b&g mluatcd. 1 SIcrra Paciffc Powor Company, P.O. Box 10100 Rmo, Ncvada (spcalccr)

3 ~ h c


Foslcr Whcclcr USACorporation, Clinton,NowJcrscy


P -8 2




~ ~ 1 1 0 g g

company, H O U S ~ O ~ ,

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F E B - 9 - 9 3 T U E 1 1 : 3 7 S P P C o T o m P a r k e r P , 6 3

Fcbnuuy 9,1993


ThePedcnity cost-shand portions of tho Piiion Pino Power Project amscheduled to take 96months,hluding consQuotioa, 81artup,md a 42 moarh demonstrationphase, at a idalproJxt a t

          of $270 million. SPPCandDOEwill share equally in project oostr. Of SPpcb $135 million -1, c a p t ~

       wafroughty $92 ai^^ucprojected with the remaining $43 OniIlion being luwd for fie1 and opcllrtions Q. maintenance expcnscs. Af'tcr the DOE demotlsttbrioDperiod, Sicna will continue to utilize the plant for C I S C ~ ~ O

powcr genemtion tomcct its customers;

SPPC has contnctod witb Foster Whcclcr USA Corporadon (FWUSA) for engbuin& uremcnt and

FWUSA Intwn will puboonwact with The M.W. Iteltogg Company (MWK) for anginwring .ad othcr wviccs datedtothe &fkr ishd.

Tha project is currently in the early dcsigr, sttagel Pcrmftting a denvironmental modtoring activitics am

underway. Thispager providwano v d wof the project, andanupdate (#Idesign urd savhmantd bouts being Wal

axpectea plent liftwill kidcxco88 of20 yair$. ConstnrctIon manegcmcnt $mice6


Public Lew 101-121 provktad$600 miffionto conduct a fourth round of federally cost-shared CItan Coal Tcchdology (m

           pmjjects to dmK...