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Renovation of LNG Complexes in Algeria Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218519D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-05
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B.P.96, Bethioua, ALGERIA

   Yves Shma, Engineer
InCharge of ProjectEngineering

for Bethioua GLlZRevamping, B E m L Srinivesa Madhavan, PhD Chistien Duremtwrg, Engineer

    Project Assistant Manager SkikdaGL1.KRevamping, SOFREGAZ

' Ro'ect rq(A4k


   Inorder to meet the future denlands of the LNG market, The National cdmpany SONATRACHis undergoing a vast program for therevampingof its LNG production faciIities,

The crmditimof the facilities and the lack of ~IMilityoriginsttd thismmpjng This revampingprogram has two objectives:


    The averall revamping program will last four years, startingduring the second quatar of 1991, Therevamping program wiU becarried out while maintainingm m

fwilities in serviceinorder to meet the current demand of the LNG market.

//English Summaty:

Inthe pmmt ~ u m t a n c e s ,

                      Sonatrach's rationate is to renovate the Antw based plants GLLZ, GL2.Z and GL4.Z as well as the Skikdrt plant GL1.K and to bring them into full prudwction again tomeet recently concluded forward sales n p w n t sand take adviultage of buoymt market p m w t sfor natural gas.

view toincreasing existing name plate capacity by up totwenty percent,

four year period commencing during the swond quartex of 1991.


Moreover Sonatrach'srevamping p r o p iincludes debottlcnwkingthe plants with

It is intended that the renovation and debottlenechg work will becarriedout over a

The revampingprogram will beconducted while allthe plants will bepartidy in

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of the

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The National Company SONATRACH,,in charge of hydrocarbunwearch,


prcducticm,processing and ComxnerciBlizBtion,conmls four (4) nntunl gas liquefaction complexes with a totid installed capacity of 30.88 billion m3 of natural gas peryear.

four&one is located inthc Cast part (Skikda),

TEAI, andPRICO)in the Algerian LNGcumplexes.

the installed contractualcapacity.


Three (3) complexes arelwated in the west part of the country (Arzew), while the

All cxisdng naturalgas hquefactim techniques are used (traditionalcascade, APCI, The o v davailability ofSONATMCH'sLNGfacilities is approximately 60%of

Theinstalled capacity of the 4 GNL complexes is distributed as follows:

The natural gas liquefactioncomplex (GL1.2) has anhstalled capacity of 10.54 This complex II$CS the APCI process and was placed into production in 1978. The


billion m3 of natural gas pcr yeat.

pmjject was started by CHEMlCO and completed by BECIā‚¬l"EL,
TheGL1.Z ( h w

I) complex is comprised of:

Six(6)identical prcrccss trains
Utilities and off-sitefacilities comprising:

- Boilers for the prcn;essandutilities

- Sea water destdinatimunits

- Airproducdon units and other units

- ONLwagetanks LNG lorading facilities

Sinceits initial start-up, the GL1.Zcomplex has experiencedvarious

I . .



lems. These pblcmsareat the orrigin of the limitation of the ovtrau availability of thc

The current avaihbility level...