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Safety and Piping Design at M.W. Kellogg Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218532D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-05

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For every dollar it costs to fix aproblem inthe early stageof

the design, itwill cost $10 at the flowsheet stage, $100at the

detaileddesignphase, $1,000after the plant is built, and over $10,000 to cleanup themess if the problem is left until an accident has occurred.

Developed herein is a formal, systematic, structured procedure

along the lines of hazard and operability analysis. What is

proposed is three major studies to be conducted at the analytical

design phase, detail designphase and close-out.

safety engineers would conduct preliminary hazard analysis,

technicalreviews, what ifanalysis, human error assessment study

and a failuremodes/effects and criticalityanalysis.

A selectedteam of

- .

The safety examination, besides itsprunary purpose or cneming

plant safety, serves to enhance the safety consciousnessof

designers and is useful for properly clarifying the safety

philosophywhich has, so far, differed with every plant and with

every job for the same type of plant.

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With somany things that could go wrong how do designers get

Indeed, things have been goingwrong and the

to sleepat night?
statistics have not been onthe industry's side. If youhave not had achance toread the article titled Operating Close to Capacity May Be Raising Risks For InherentlyRisky Field,which appeared in theWall Street Journalafter the Phillips tragedy,I urgeyouto do so.

A copy is enclosed.

                                 The articlehighlights someof the risks involvedwith this business. Unfortunately, the riskwill always be there, but we as designers take onthe responsibility of being aware of and managing that risk.
all amatter of degree.

It is

Everybody agrees that it ismore expensivetobuild safer

0 plants and to do so it is necessary to carry out acritical examination and systematic consideration of the alternatives during the early stagesof the design (front-endengineering). For every dollar it costs to fixaproblem inthe early stage of design,itwill cost $10at the flowsheetstage,$100at the detailed design stage,$1,000 after theplant is built, and over $10,000to cleanup themess if theproblem is left until an accident has occurred.

   Thepiping mechanical team at theM. W. Kellogg Company assumed the responsibilityof managing that risk and contributed immenselytothe design of safeand efficientplants. However, what M. W. Kellogg and the industry as awhole lack is a formal, systematic, structured procedure along the lines of Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP). M e w e m iFrey,-Rcherts and--

Rumbarge-haveeased thewag by developingvariuussystematic prpdures.

0 The following is a structured procedure along the lines of

HAZOP which will help reduce the r i s k to its lowestdegree. Three major studies should be conducted; one at the analytical designphase; the second at the detaildesign phase; and the third at close-out. During theanalytical design phase Mr. Roberts suggests a...