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Design Considerations for the Snamprogetti PFBC Pilot Plant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218606D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-05

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Antonio Ferri L a b s , New Pork University, 425 Merrick Ave, Westbury,NY. 11590


                G. GATTI
Snamprogetti, S. Donato Milanese, Milano, Italy.


A 15 MWth air cooled Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor (PFBC) demonstration plant is currently being designed by Snamprogetti, Italy, to provide data base for scale-up. Commissioning and start-up of the project are scheduled for early 1 9 9 1 in a Northern Italy coke plant.

The PFBC will be operated at approximately 9 0 0 0 C and 8 bar pressure, and it is designed to burn a wide variety of coals with combustion efficiencies of 9 9 % or better. The SO2 emission levels are expected to be below 1.14 mg/MJ. The technology

gas cleanup system needed for particulate emission control.

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Snamprogetti's15 MWth air cooled PFBC demonstration power plant program started in January 1 9 8 7 after Snamprogetti has had access to all the experience gained by Curtiss-Wright Corporation during the development of its PFBC. At present, the engineering phase of the project has been completed. Commissioning and start-upof the PFBC project are scheduled for early 1 9 9 1 .

This demonstration pilot plant is designed to develop a technology suitable for industrial cogenerationpower plants for which there is a wide market in Italy and Europe. In addition, the introduction of gas and particulate emission standards in Europe could give a further boost to the PFBC technology in Italy and other European Economic Community Countries for the retrofit of existing power plants with PFBC technology, especially considering PFBC's higher thermodynamic and sulfur dioxide removal efficiencies compared with other FBC and conventional process when burning solid fuels. The various aspects of the

Snamprogetti PFBC pilot plant design are the focus of this paper.


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The salient features of the Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor power plant set up are presented in Figure 1. The technical characteristicsof the plant are presented in Table 1. One-third of the air flowing from the gas turbine compressor is used for fluidization/combustion and the remainder is used as the bed coolant. The coolant air is heated to near bed temperature and then mixed with the combustion flue gas which has been dedusted in the hot gas cleanup system. The mixed stream is then routed to the gas turbine. The expanded gas leaving the power turbine flows into a waste heat boiler for production of steam prior to its being discharged through the stack to the atmosphere.


The combustor which is presented in Figure 2 is a pressure vessel lined with refractory insulation. Solid fuels of different nature and compositionwill be tested in the combustor;intensive tests will be performed burning Italian coal which has 4 to 8% sulfur and 2 0 to 40% ash...