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FCC Technical Services Resid FCC Converter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218626D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-06
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Engineersof Quality

FCC Technical Services

  The M.W. Kellogg Companyoffers an extensive Technical Services Programto complement its fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) technology. Our objective is to help clients obtain the maximum benefits of the Kellogg FCC process.

  A staff of engineers highly experienced in all areas of FCC technology is availableto respond to client needs. Kellogg maintains state-of-the-art pilot plants and analytical laboratory facilities to provide yield data for feedstock evaluations and catalyst comparisons. A well-proven computer model capableof analyzingunit operating data and generatingyield and performance data is also availablefor FCC unit evaluations.

  Kellogg provides technical services through Technical Service Agreements, which range from on-call to full-service support, depending on each client's particular technical service needs.

Process Analysis

Operating data reviews and comments Field surveys

Operating conditions analysis and

Client and third-party meetings

Yield Predictions

Yields and operating conditions predictions for particularfeedstocks and process objectives
Performance maps


On-site assistance in solvingunit operating problems

Telephone consultation


Maintenance turnaround on-site inspections Maintenance and repair recommendations

Pilot Plant Studies

Feedstock evaluations

Catalyst evaluations

Operational Reviews

Operating procedures analysis

Instrumentation and equipment performance

Through decades...