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Compact Process Modules -- The Development of the Unitized Chiller Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218634D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-06
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Or 0 J Wilson, 6%. PhD.FIChemE. M W Kelloqg Ltd.


Thecompact proceu moduie IS an effecbvs means of reducingme number of pieces of equipment and the quarmtyof bulk matenalr and labour. both shop and field, required for procws plant construction. A compact process module resutts from combining or merging me fumm of two or more pieces of equipment into a single una.

A typical ammonta plant four-stage retngeraaon circuit employs nine piecesot equipment (five exchangers and four drums) wth lnterconnecbng let-down and themsypnon piping. The drums and exchangers can be combined into two modules: oneCombined drum and one combtned exchanger. Ultimatetythe combined drum can ba merged wlm me combined exchanger resutnng n a single compact process moaule: me Unrtized Chiller

This integralunlt reducesthe number of equipmentpieces from nine to one, eliminatesall tnterconnmng piping, and imprommechaneal lntbgnty by utrtiring cormnuoui tubes mrough the four stagesof refngeratlon m euse of crmmon

I higerant removes any problemt associated wrth

the argument of limttedleakage across me divrding tube s n m

Similar modulesin other areas wtl also be discussed

Large =le Ammonia S y n WWarm gemlty have an ammonia retrlgerrtlon System whlch condenses ammmm product in orderto removo d fromthe circulaang gaminthe synmesn loop As a resun of process optunmtmn.balanungenergy against capitalcosts, W e

It wmY bemmd that slrchchilior requirm twoplptng conrwcQon8to fwhdrum and that cm'mdwabb bengcns of highprsssunpcpvlgare requiredfrom eachchiller to me mxttn smos.dweU astom Converrer FesdlRmme


Exchanger I

       of fixed tubeahest DEB).


A three-stream exchanger computer modelwas evoked to handle the srtuaoon inwhich process

feedis introduced in to the annular space betwben concentric tubes whlle ammonia refrigerant is available for cooling onthe outstdo of the outer tube The inner tubes reneat ga5 from the ammonia separatoc as part of me convener feed preheat duty Ammonia product is condensed

                   CMbe up to tour levuls of refngerahon The ammonia liouid product is generarly producedfor storage or vanspon at atmospnerfc pressurewrth a sahrrahon tmprature of 33 degrw C The bwest Ievdof refneemaon is also set at thir condmon sathat the system neveroperate8 below amsphenc pressure

This is to emure that no ur udrawn Intottusystem. The


hIghW leve(sWould wilybe ss(a-20 dw.C. 5dW.C


12.8 dsg.C.

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a resun of cool recycle vapour returning tnrougn :ne inner tube as well as cnilling by stage0

*efrigerationfrom me outside The program enaolesthe user to selectvarious tube lengths for eacn stage of refngerabon on an fieratwe basis dnbl an acceptable distnbubon of cooling duties IS

obtained The c d i n gdutmat each level are selected by iterabon to match the refngerant compressor loads.

The combined unit asshown in fig. 2 is known as tne UnlhZed Exch...