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Development of Kellogg's Pressurized Transport Gasifier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218667D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-06
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The next generation of power plants will include a number of IGCC based designs.
plant have shown that the efficiency of a coal-based plant significantly increases from about
35% for simple steam bottoming cycles to about 45% for plants which a combine gas turbine topping cycles with a steam bottoming cycle. In addition, the cost of electricity can be reduced by at least 20% for such a plant. The development of an efficient gasifier capable of load following is paramount to the success of combined cycle plants.

     W. Kellogg Company has developed a transport gasifier that
p o mi es to meet the challenges posed by this newly emerging technology.

T@K 1 g's gasifier operates in the high velocity or transport hydrodynamic regime using pulverized coal and limestone feeds. A mathematical model developed by Kellogg predicts high gasification rates and sulfur removal at temperatures below ZOOOOF for such a gasifier because of the high surface area provided by the fine coal and limestone particles.

Feasibility studies by Kellogg for a 500 MWe combined cycle

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Dr, E.A.6bordzoe

The M.W.Kellogg Company
Houston, Texas

Kellogg designed, constructed and operated a pressurized transport reactor test unit (TRTU) at its Technology Development Center in Houston, Texas to demonstrate the concept and gather kinetic design data for a commercial plant design. The TRTU is capable of operating at pressure up t...