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Structural Modeling Concepts and Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218830D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-07

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By Thomas G. SchwarzZ and Jaseph A. Bohinsky

ABSTRACT: The M.W. Kellogg Company has successfully implemented into production the Intergraph Plant Design software. Although this is an integrated system covering piping, equipment and structural modeling capabilities, this paper pertains only to structural applications.

This is a description of the concepts of producing 2-D structural drawings from a 3-D model generated from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. A combination of Intergraph and Kellogg developed in-house eoftware is used to create structural models and extract production drawings. The aof tware, procedure development and utilization arc reviewed along with the commitment that is required to make thwc concepts work efficiently.

 M.W. Kellogg has maintained a computer based graphics rystem since the mid- Seventian However, in 1984 we enhand our eystem with the latest Vax based 3-D Plant Design System from Intergraph. Utilizing this system on many projects has helped us meet the challenge of staying competitive in today's engineering and construction
promising tools not only in meeting today's demands but also in establishing the m u n d w w .

. . . . .

  Since then is no true turnkey Plant Design System vendor, Kellogg created a task force that is charged with enhancing and modifying the available software to meet our requirements for producing high quality drawings for construction. With thia concept, Kellogg has wed Intergraph software and modified both the system and our method of operation to achieve optimum productivity. In the civWrtructura1 area, 1 0percent of wr production drawings are produced utilizing wmputer.

  "he following b an evaitiation of the workflow that Kellogg has proven to be effective for the development of structural models, their design and the extraction of pruductim drawinp We have utilized this design workflow on numerous projects enginand in our Houston office.


Kellogg has UBed this workflow success full^ on a number of projects including a

                                          All of these projects methanol, polyethylene, refinery and special chemical propcts.

1. Graphics Applications Coordinator, Civil Engineering, The M.W. Kellogg Ca,Three

2. Chief Civil Engineer, The M.W. Kellogg Co.,Three Greenway Plaza, Houston, Greenway Plaza, Houston,Texas 77046.

Texas 77046,



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uecd Intergraph's Structural Modeling System (SMS)as a baais for the structural mcdchg and Kellogg's in-house extraction procedure for production drawhga

Included in

the prow was a thrce-level pipe rack., a oompnssor building, a two-level 8ix-alumn equipment support Btructure, a multi-level eightcolumn steam drum atructure and numerous miscellaneous support and service structures. Figure 1 a h o w an overall rotated view of the plant.

The first prow coILsisted of the proce8s unit of a methanol facility.

The becond projxt included the structure for a...