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Fluidized Bed Gasifier Combined Cycle Power Plant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218867D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-07
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1988Annual A1ternate Energy Division Meeting

Fluidized Bed GasifierCombined Cycle Power Plant -

The Appalachian Project

L.K. Rath

The M.W. Kellogg Co.

Houston, Texas

   The United States utility industry is in a period of regulatory and economic change brought about by the deferral o f a nuclear option, uncertainty regarding capital formation,risk associated with the availability o f fuels, availability of power from non-utility producers and increasingconcernsover environmental emissions.

   This presentation describes the evolution of an advanced technology coal gasification combined cycle power plant that has significant advantages over other power generation technologies and addresses a set of utility criteria that will likely be used as-
plan capacity additions for the coming decade:

__ - _- - -".SmaLL w&b&++-* &-gemmtiur-capa-ci-ty-w~icli

can be

added in phases as required by market demand and use domestic coal


JV-' The Kellogg (IGCC) concept utilizes a modern approach with each plant module consisting o f more or less standardized design tailored to a specific site o f project requirements.
integrated through an overall control system which modulates the gaseous and solid inputs against power demand and balances the interchange o f commoditiesacross the module boundaries. Low Btu fuel gas and net steam are exported from the gasifier island while air for the gasifier island i s extracted from the gas turbine compressor in the power island. Utilities, including boiler feed water and cooling water are transferred from utility and offsite systems to both the gasifier and power islands.

The plant modules are


utility criteria based on (1

& ?

_ -


- - --

_____- --


wW7e providing high efficiencies and low cost power production." J 46

The M.W. Kellogg Compan has prepared a design that meets these

         Y the Kellogg-KRW pressurized fluidized bed coal gasification system with in-bed desulfurization, (2) a hot gas cleanup system consisting of high efficiency cyclones,a polishing desulfurization unit and high temperature filter, and (3) a modern combined cycle power plant.

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. .

The Kellogg system provides major benefits to the utility user.

o Can be built in standardized,low cost modules.

The system:

o Provides superior heat

o Economically satisfies

k+ o Can use all U.S. Coals o Can be built in phases

account deficits,meet lowest cost fuels.

o Provides safe flexible

    Integrated desulfurization couples the benefits of in bed desulfurization (limestone or dolomite addition t o the fluidized $aYi7ier&32l) with the polishing capability of an external bed of zinc

ferrit e sorbent.

& The block flow diagram illustrates the relative simplicity of the in-bed desulfurization with hot gas cleanup based coal gasification combined cycle compared to the more conventional concept of a cold gas c1eanu p combi

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