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System and Method for Automated Power Control for electronic devices to conserve electricity. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219080D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-19
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The advancement in technology has connected millions of people with electronic devices. Every IT professional uses computers, desktops, printers, scanners etc. on a daily basis, and when they are not in office, these devices continue to consume power. This publication discusses a Power Management System where the electronic devices are connected to a Switchboard, which controls the power input to these devices based on the user being signed in or signed out.

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System and Method for Automated Power Control for electronic devices to conserve electricity.

i. What is the problem solved

There has been power scarcity and today almost every next thing that is made or created works on electricity, hence betterment of human life and future of the world it is important that we do to controlled consumption of electricity. Saving electricity if of big concern today.

ii. Describe known solutions to this problem (if any)

Known solutions are mostly dependant on human intervention and are manual.The power saving mechanism available with the appliances still consume minimum electricity.

iii. What are the drawbacks of the known solutions and why an additional solution is required
Human dependency: The current known solution require human intervention. Power saving mode too consumes certain amount of electricity that collectively can be large.

Our system design revolves around office where people have multiple desktop systems, printers, scanners etc attached to power system in their cubicle or on their desk.This design can be extended to any office. In such offices, most common scenario is people working for maximum of 10 hours, however all the equipment and systems they continue to run 24X7. There is unnecessary wastage of power for around 14 hrs a day during week days and 48 hours during weekends which comes to around 118 hours a week.

The Power Management System described here controls the power to the power point as per the working hours of employees. So in short, all the systems in employee's cubicle will be switched ON once he steps in the office(starts the day) and are switched OFF once he signs-off for the day.

This way even the power saving will not be dependant on the human intervention and we can save more power than what we end up actually using throughout a week.

Components involved in the Power Management System:-

Power switch board -- The main board where connection to each power point is connected.

Switch Board Control Software Application -- Software to control the ON/OFF condition of each connection.

Client software -- To input client related data Switch Board Control Software Application .

Swipe Card Reader -- To integrate the whole mechanism with swipe card...