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Self learning slides presentation method and system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219129D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-21
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The publication proposes a method to provide a per-slide indication of how much additional time should be spend on the current slide, exploiting voice recognition technique against pre-tagged (most significant) keyworkds included in the current slide and their synonims

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Self learning slides presentation method and system

Several times one of the most critical problem while a user is making a slides presentation is that the presentation takes too long time or too short time compared to the available time for the speaker. In addition to that, he could forget to speak about some critical points. Because of these issues, the presenter could not be so effective during his presentation.

The present publication introduces a new method and system that simplify and make more effective a presentation. The solution is based on two main elements:

an instrumentation mechanism that allows the presentation tool (ex. IBM Lotus


Symphony) to store information about the presentation during a test presentation session (implemented using an instrumentation engine),
a timing mechanism correlated to some lightening indicators that makes the slide


to have more or less color tones (implemented using a presentation engine)

When a user will make a test presentation session, the "presentation tool" will record all the timing that the user spent on each slide as well as some keywords (using a voice recognizer). During the real presentation, the tool will start counting the timing on each slide and will change the color tone of the presentation depending from the recorded timing and from the voice recognition mechanism that allows to predict in advance the possible timing that is still needed on each slide. With this solution, the user will get a lot of advantages since he will have his presentation under control from a timing and from a content point of view as well.

The instrumentation e...