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Smart Network Mechanism to Advertise Availability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219151D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-23
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Disclosed is a system for executing direct advertising to owners of electric vehicles.

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Smart Network Mechanism to Advertise Availability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric vehicle stations start to provide service to charge electric vehicles, and because the number of vehicles is much less in relation to gas-operated vehicles, it is necessary for stations to direct advertising to electric vehicles customers.

This invention makes this direct advertising possible by having a directory of electric vehicle owners and knowledge of their presence in the vicinity. The advertisement goes to a smart device used by the owner of the vehicle or an in-vehicle display system. Exact availability times for the charging station can be advertised with potential incentives.

Key functions and features of the advertising presence server include:

1. Identifying electric vehicles in the area

2. Identifying electric vehicles that may need charging

3. Registering owners of such vehicles for such advertising service

4. Having personal profiles of information and preferences for owners

5. Registered charging station providers in the area

6. Method of business to get commission from charging station providers

7. Method of business to provide incentives to vehicle owners for charging

8. Advertising wait times for charging stations

Figure: A system solution for the service


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