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Achieving Full Duplex Relay by Exploiting Multi-antenna Technology in Cooperative Communications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219202D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-26

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The full duplex relay, which can receive and transmit in the same wireless channel simultaneously, is a promising apparatus in cooperative communication system. However, in such relay system, since the transmit antenna is so close to the receive antenna, the received signal will be submerged or strongly interfered by such strong transmit signal. In order to overcome this weakness, in this invention, we propose a method and apparatus that utilizes multi-antenna technique to suppress such strong interference to a reasonable level. We deliberately generate a null (or deep fading) point in the position of the receive antenna through weighting different coefficients in the transmit antennas based on the real-time channel estimation between the transmit antenna and the receive antenna. This invention is also applicable for multi-carrier system or wideband wireless system.