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Presentation Projector Test Page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219422D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-28
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When displaying a presentation using a projector, the limited performance of the projector in rendering colours can result in the presentation not being displayed correctly. This can result in, for example, graphs being unreadable due to multiple lines appearing to be the same or similar colours when they should be distinct. This invention describes a method for identifying potential issues by use of a "test page".

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Presentation Projector Test Page

A program is disclosed that creates a test page for presentations allowing the user to identify potential issues with their presentation caused by colours used not being sufficiently distinct when being projected.

    The test page displays all colours used in the presentation which allows any colours which are not sufficiently distinct to be identified so they can be changed without the need to go through and check each slide individually.

    Colours are typically defined by their RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values and are stored as a Hex triplet for example W3C standard "Blue" is represented by #0000FF but the method used can vary by application. The description below uses the RGB colour space ( but the principles are equally applicable to other colour spaces (for example HSL/HSV).

    To generate this Test Page, the properties of all elements in the presentation would be examined and the colours used identified.

    The R G and B values could then be used as co-ordinates to locate each colour within the RGB colour space and the distance between each colour used to assess how similar they are.

    These distances would then be used to position the blocks of colour used in the test page with three different views created:

- Place colours which are close together in the RGB colour space next to each other

- Place colours which are close together in the RGB colour space in different areas of the view

- Group t...