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Smarter Analyzer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219423D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-28
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A framework that fetches correct and relevant information from process/application generated core dump files during a system/application crash and is readily available for system administrators to take corrective action in short time.

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Smarter Analyzer

Disclosed is a framework, which will help system administratosr turn around in a short time from the event of the process/ application crash with the relevant information for the crash.

When process/application crashes the following event triggers:
~ Analysis the core file generated by process/application.
~ Conversion of mrf (Machine readable format) to hrf (Human readable format) ~ Extraction of required info.
~ Transmission to support team/developer for further analysis.

Problem faced:
~ Support team/developer needs to:
~ Understand the type of core files generated by each system/application.
~ Understand the methodology's that will convert from mrf (Machine readable

  format) to hrf (Human readable format).
~ Understand & remove unwanted info
~ Send it to support team/developer team for analysis.
~ Reduce waste of valuable time during conversion of files and segregation of

  relevant data.
~ Reduce waste of storage space with unwanted info.
~ Shorten longer learning curves for new joinee in terms of identification, analysis &


Proposed method :
coreanalyzer -app all

-output filename -level

- retain

Layer 1: used to identify running process in the system which has terminated abnormally or crashed.

Process ID

Layer 2 : used to record the applications running in the system and the default path with which it will dump core files.


Dump file path

MRF->HRF Tool which comes with application.

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Layer 3: used to record info that need to be extract for each application and its solution for this problem.This will be recorded for each application.

Process/Application Info to be extracted XML file.

SQL code 1210

ORA code 009


Begin coreanalyzer

If app all option is specified then

         Search for all existing applications which terminated abruptly and save it to an array array1


Store all specified applications in array app


End if

Start For Loop array1

Navigate through the array array1

Search in default locations for core files generated for each application

Save the core files generated for each application in an array array2

Start for loop array2

Navigate through the array array2

Open each core file

Extract required info from each file depends on the level specified and

application that generates dumps

If output option is specified then

Redirect to the file specified using output