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Integrated Direct-Liquid-Injection Vaporizer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219443D
Publication Date: 2012-Jun-29
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Delivers 19 g/min at 40 slm N2 using existing vaporizer and control temperature (2X Improvement) Delivers 14 g/min vapor at worst case mass ratio condition of 20 slm N2 Potential to deliver > 30 g/min vapor with improved control scheme Control heater power based on DI flow rate and heat exchanger wall temperature Control scheme would improve consistency of vaporizer outlet temperature Operates at a much lower N2 inlet pressure Low pressure drop provides potential to increase mass ratio (N2 flow) Ability to field retrofit existing systems (utilizes existing DLI vaporizer) Vaporization rate improves with mass ratio (increase N2 flow rate) Clean flow path

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