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BiMetallic Helix Actuated Connector Contact for Enhanced Wipe Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219479D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-03
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Described is a multi contact connector whose contact movement may be controlled by a bimetallic helix or memory metal.

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Described is a multi-contact connector whose contact movement may be controlled by a bimetallic helix or memory metal. The helix expands and contracts with temperature changes instituted by the I ^2 R heating effect of the contacts impedance. This movement establishes a clean contact point without the need to take the component out of service to unplug and replug the connector.

    Additionally, the action may be initiated by an external source; for example, a housing containing heating elements or directed hot air streaming past the contacts. The main contact points or lower points remain stationary while the upper points are moved by the helix causing a wiping action on the pin. Since the lower point remains in contact with the pin., excessive bounce or intermittent connections in the upper contact are "paralleled" by the impedance in the lower section, minimizing contact/no contact for an operational machine.

    This design reduces the potential for contaminated or oxidized contact points causing a break in electrical connection resulting in an intermittent or permanently open connection. Such breaks are sometimes seen at initial plugging of the connector, but is more often seen as a latent fail as the condition worsens over time. This design eliminates the need to take the components with the failing connection out of service while they are being unplugged and replugged and/or replaced.

    Shown in Figures 1a and 1b below is the single band providing two locations of contact. Located...