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Smarter method and system for alerting people of environmental events via a portable device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219726D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-09
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Disclosed is a customizable alert system that operates on a user’s mobile device and is configurable to respond in a specific manner to environmental changes or events. The mobile device-based system also notifies a central emergency response system after a specific event to prevent or react to dangerous conditions.

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Smarter method and system for alerting people of environmental events via a portable device

People with certain disabilities or those who are in a distracted state are not able to perceive important communications, audio alerts, or other environmental sounds that let them know that they are missing a critical event or are being exposed to a dangerous situation. In addition, people around the affected individual might not be able to detect when that person is having trouble (e.g., with hearing or concentration) or if they have suffered a traumatic situation .

The following situations illustrate the problem .

Situation 1

Hearing-impaired individuals experience challenges in identifying what is happening in their surroundings. This problem has significant impact and repercussions when , in an emergency, event notification systems rely on sounds.

Current systems (e.g., fire detection, telephone alerts, alarm clocks, etc.) have some modifications for the hearing-impaired, but the options are limited.

Situation 2

If a person is using headphones or ear buds , they might not notice that an alerting system is active and sending warnings.

Situation 3

Person A wants to speak to Person B; however, he does not realize that he has not successfully gotten Person B's attention. Person A proceeds to speak, but Person B does not hear him. Therefore, Person A does not realize that Person B is not getting his message, and Person B does not know he is missing anything.

Existing approaches to the problem include :

 Personal Alert System. [1] This system implies the use of mobile devices to send a static alert to someone. The difference is that the alerts are pre -defined and there is no environmental sound analysis .

 Modular emergency or weather alert interface system. [2] This is a system to send static alerts to a device according to weather conditions . The difference is that it is only used for static alerts and there is no environmental sound analysis .

The idea prese...